DEHESA extra virgen ecologico 500ml
Dehesa Andaluza Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico 500ml
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  •  Organic extra virgin olive oil.
  •  D.O Sierra Magina
The Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil DEHESA ANDALUZA belongs to the olive oils of higher quality in the world. In the cultivation of Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil DEHESA ANDALUZA no chemical fertilizers are used, but manure; no  pesticides are used, but natural barriers and ecological traps; no herbicides are used, but natural weeding . It is a product of very high quality, respects our environment, biodiversity, preserves soil fertility, and uses natural resources.
Expoliva and Mario Solina awards, medals in Los Angeles Festival (USA), and recognition in Der Feinschmecker and Harmony (Italy).

Oil color: varies from deep green to golden yellow.

Fragrance of the oil: Aromas of fresh cut herbs, fruits such as apples, tomatoes, figs.

Taste of the oil: its bitter is very light and its itching is very soft. Taste of fruits like apple, tomatoes, and fig tree. Slight bitterness at the end of the palate.

Acidity: < 0.2 °.

Varieties of olives used: picual 100%.

Period of harvesting olives: from October up to December.

Method of harvesting: production is mechanized, but the crops are not intensive.

Grinding method: mechanical grinders at low temperature (cold extraction).

Quality control system: All organic products are normalized by the European Union, through the EEC Regulation 2090/91. Regulatory Board of the designation of origin Sierra Magina.

Type of package available: Glass bottle 250 ml, glass bottle metal label 500 ml, gift case 500 ml.